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Phillipans 4:13 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength"

¨The Monkey´s Paw¨ Sequel


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Pick A Quote Project


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Spanish Menu Project



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Swallowing Stones Persuasive Speech


December 14, 2012 was a devastating day for the people of Newtown, Connecticut. You may recall that on this day a 20 year old man shot 20 students and 6 staff members from Sandy Hook Elementary School. It changed many people’s lives forever. Would stricter gun control laws have stopped this horrifying incident from occurring? Maybe so.

I believe that there should be stricter gun control laws in America. Bill Maher says “Everyday in America is a day with a shooting.” This quote helps support my side of this argument because it just shows how many shootings actually happen in America. In just the year of 2014, there was about 40 school shootings. I don’t know if it is even possible to keep track of all the shootings that happen in America. If there was stricter gun control laws would all of these shootings never of happened? I think so.

Mentally handicapped people could easily go buy a gun and do something harmful to other people or themselves. Stricter gun control laws would help prevent this issue.

I don’t want my rights taken away but I also don’t want to end up getting shot from someone who doesn’t need to be having a gun and gets a hold of one. I would advise you to go for stricter gun control laws to keep you and your family safe.

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Swallowing Stones Book Review


I have never fired a .45-70 Winchester rifle but Joyce McDonald makes me feel as if I have in her fabulous book Swallowing Stones. It was a hot summer day, July 4th to be exact, and one of the two main characters, Michael Mackenzie, is determined that this day was going to be the best day of his life. It was the day of his seventeenth birthday party and it was definitely going to be a day to remember, for a number of reasons. His grandfather gave him a .45-70 Winchester rifle as a gift and he couldn’t wait to get a chance to fire it. The other main character, Jenna Ward, was having a normal day and was assisting her father, Charlie Ward, with stapling shingles to the roof. One bullet hurtling through the sky would change both of their lives in a matter of seconds.

The author really throws you for a loop with her design of the book. Instead of there being one main character, there are two. Joyce McDonald separates the book into “Michael” and “Jenna” chapters. Jenna and Michael do not officially meet until the very last chapter of the book, so it makes it makes it more convenient to separate the chapters that way.

Joe Sadowski, also known as Michael’s best friend, keeps this novel interesting. Joe would do anything for his best friend, but Michael doesn’t know if he could do what Joe does for him. Joe is accused of doing something he hasn’t done and still sticks by his best friend. Joe may be irresponsible and drink too much beer, but he is definitely a great friend in my opinion.

Jenna and Jason Friedman have been dating for awhile now. She stays on edge whenever he is around. She deals with the struggle of deciding whether to tell Jason she has lost feelings for him or to stay with him and panic every time they are together. If she tells him that she lost feelings for him it wouldn’t be truthful, but she can’t tell him why she doesn’t want to be around him.

Darcy Kelley is a “babe” to all the guys in the town, but Michael had his eyes on a different girl, Amy Ruggiero. Amy has a bad reputation around the town for being “easy to get with”. Michael may have spent one too many nights hanging out over at Amy’s house
and could cause a future break up with Darcy.

I really enjoyed getting to read Swallowing Stones. It was a pretty great book. Well, all but the ending. I wish the author would have been more detailed and clear in the ending. Although this book isn’t true, it is still relatable. I would still recommend this novel to anyone though.

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Mexican Revolution!


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High Plains Ecoregion!


* The High Plains Ecoregion has a “cold semi-arid” climate. It receives 10-20 inches of precipitation per year. There is a considerable wind chill in winter.

*The High Plains Ecoregion has wildlife such as pronghorn antelope, buffalo, cattle, wild cat, and prairie dogs.

*The High Plains Ecoregion has a flat, grassy terrain with trees, lakes, and shrubs.

*The High Plains Ecoregion has vegetation such as prickly pear cacti, short-grass prairie, and yucca.

*The High Plains Ecoregion has over 20 million acres and has the coldest winters in Texas.

*Below is a picture of where the High Plains Ecoregion is located.

high plains




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Marine Biology!


I picked Marine Biology to learn about because I love sea animals.

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Adopt An Element


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The CardBoard Cake!


I had been waiting all day for this night. I was so excited. I thought nothing at all could ruin this day- then the disappointment splashed all over me like waves at the beach. My special day was ruined.

It all started at Pietro’s Pizza. I was there having my birthday dinner with Lisa and my family. While we were waiting for the pizza, I opened up my birthday present from my mom and dad. It was a Dillard’s gift card for $160. I was quite disappointed because I didn’t get the gift I wanted, an Iphone, but I tried to not show the disappointment on my face. Our food arrived shortly after that. We ate and talked for awhile. Later, my mom suggested that we cut the cake. I agreed. The waiter brought the cake out and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. My mom handed me the knife. I tried to cut it but it wouldn’t budge. ” Lisa and I wiped off some of the icing to reveal that it was a box. My mom announced “I cannot believe that they gave you a cardboard cake!” I was really confused, and then Lisa yelled, “LEXI THAT’S AN IPHONE!!!!” I was so thrilled that I started to jump and scream right in the middle of the restaurant. I ran to the bathroom and washed my hands off and when I got back my parents were helping open it for me. Lisa asked “What kind of case are you going to get?” I responded “I don’t know yet! A pretty one though!” My mom let me know that the gift card was fake. When she told me, I laughed.

Although this night started out with me being disappointed, by the end of the night I was far beyond happy. I learned from this experience that you need to wait because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. This was definitely one of the best nights ever.

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